Speak With Tyler Bryden
Speak With Tyler Bryden
The Demo

My First Attempt In 2018 At Broadcasting

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately and have wanted to build something for myself. This is a demo to figure out the process of broadcasting. I hope to develop this naturally over time and share the work I am doing, some of the insights I have had, and lots of different topics that affect myself and others every day.

I am not pushing anyone to listen to this. This is my path to get things out there, better myself, and hopefully, along the way help some others. If you do check it out, please feel encouraged to send me a message and provide some feedback. This is a conversation, not an ad.

Have a great week everyone!

Transcript (Unedited)

In a live from innovation works now, it’s a co-working space here in downtown London and there’s a ton of companies in here to non-profit organizations. I happen to be one of them. If you’re listening, you may know who I am, but if I somehow stumble upon this what I don’t know in what universe that’s gonna happen. My name is to EBI and this is the first time I’ve put the guys first time I’ve done this, I’ve been meaning to put together some, some form of content creation for a really long time, and I really sort of explore some different options. Still working on some other ones. One of the first things that I’ve really sort of wanted to focus on in buckle out on was live video, and so I’ve got the set up for that.

Still a couple of glitches and things and just that raise the confidence I have in that before I really start to work into that. But for now, I really love the medium of audio of this podcast. Long discussion, feel and I’ve been watching and listening to a lot of it. And I think what I like is that, in a time when so many people have a lack of time and so busy, we’ve got so much stuff to do, we’ve got so much content to consume something like this. It’s almost sort of… No, it’s almost sort of hands off. You can go to the gym and you can listen to it when you’re driving, you can listen when you just sort of sit and relax. And I went down on a vacation a couple of weeks coin on the beach, listened to on an auto book or a podcast. And so I’m sort of excited to contribute to that. I’ve been a big space. It’s a saturated space, there’s no doubt about that. I think sort of the early ‘2000s as the original golden era of podcasting, and it since seem pretty big resurgence, but with that resurgent become sort of… again, this over-saturation where everyone’s doing and everyone thinks that they can, they can get a microphone.

I figure out how to do some recording create a podcast and then they go there the next out next Joe RO. And you’re sitting there with endorsements and sponsorship deals. And all you have to do is sit there and have some big conversation with someone.

And so, I’m pretty aware that this is not quite as it’s not quite as easy as people think. And I think when you… you look at something from the outside, you think it’s gonna be a lot easier than it is once you get into it, you realize just how deep that goes. And I felt the same way when I… to give you a little bit of background on myself, and who I am. I run a company right now currently called six, five and six. I started about started from going through my education which was a university degree and then a college diploma with a little bit trouble along the way, but sort of coming into this idea and realization that I didn’t want to go down a traditional path and there was something that was really interested me and that was marketing and I go and looked at that a little bit and university looked at it a little bit more in depth in college but also more of the practical stuff more about web development, web decided. Those kind of things but I really wanted to explore this idea of marketing. And from the outside, you see the movie, you see the… he shows one of the big ones for me was how to lose a guy in 11 days with math. I can, and you think this is all it is, to figure out a couple of things you know you put together a logo, or you do some other stuff, and there you go, your marketer.

And so, as I started getting to it, I started to get relatively good at some of these basics but as I started to figure out what some of these basics where you realize just how in depth those basics actually go. And so what I thought would maybe take a year to master some marketing every single day, every single hour, and there’s something new that changes the landscape, for marketing, it changes the… how married to view. You get some more pieces of information that give you more insights and how you need a market, but then the other side is platform changing updates. Facebook is now not getting users at the same rate that they were, they decreased the organic reach business pages?

It’s a pretty crazy time for how we look at the stock market, we look at currency of current, it’s very volatile, and it’s the same way in marketing right now. People are having things that we’re working one day fall apart the next, and I think it’s really scary, time for a lot of marketers who are… and I think just people in general who are just sort of improvising hoping things are gonna go Okay and really the people who are having success are the ones who are constantly experimenting testing seeing what’s going on out there and pretty, so putting that their toes. Multiple little lakes. And I don’t know if that is a… I don’t know if that’s a metaphor, but you… you to, is in multiple lakes and they’re testing different things until they see what fish or what snapping to bites that to… and there’s a lot of people have them success with that. I think that’s why we’ve seen the success of Google on Facebook. It’s because they have pretty protesting split testing Constant experiments into their whole culture of growing their company.

A lot of times it is referred as growth hacking and they had more success because of it. It’s really tough to now in this day to put together a brand for six months, a year, work on all this stuff and then “just release it to the public, and then hope that works the way that a lot of people are doing this stuff now is much more inter-of where you’re putting up a landing page with one of the versions of logo in some different sales copy and your driving people that site to see their engagement with it, see what their response is and see if you can make them take a valuable action on that side, or or or something to your business, and then building up on that. So a lot of the stuff now is data-driven decisions. Instead of just these random shots or throwing things at the wall, at the “Dartford all this kind of stuff, it’s much more methodical with how it goes and it’s a really interesting time for marketing and I know how I got deep into this, I guess I wanted to give you a little history on myself, I just crack open and water bottle back here. But we’re an interesting time in the world in general, and so I’ve been part of it, I’ve been watching for a long time when I’m sort of feeling over the last couple of years here, is just more of a growing dissatisfaction with how it’s going so I don’t really know if there’s not much I can know. I continue to do work in the community, continued to work with my business and try to figure more things out, about how I can make a bigger impact but it’s really difficult, and I think one of the things I’m looking at, even with just this is to get some of my thoughts out my ideas, maybe connect with some people who share the same thoughts and ideas, and I don’t wanna get stuck in a echocardiogram, a little bit more of a community, a team of people that collaborate and a team of people who sort of have a mission and a vision that lines and… and maybe there’s some synergy that we can create with that together.

And so, that’s what I’m sort of doing here today, there’s a lot of reasons I’m sitting in front of this microphone right now and just to give you a little bit more imagery I guess I have about a 750 square foot office, it’s in the basement of innovation work, so there’s four beautiful forest, is co-working space above us across four floors and total above and then there’s this little basement space. And so we first moved in here, we wanted some space where a bunch of young people and we make a little bit of noise times we do stuff like this, and a lot of the office of the… then other four floors are pretty tiny, and condensed and so it wasn’t too much noise to have. You could make too much noise, or otherwise or disrupting people pretty names.

And so, we found this little space down in the basement here and man, it was a piece of shit just straight up it was, it was gross. Sometimes I look at it right now on I’ve done a lot of renovations a lot of work on this to pull into something that’s presentable but man, it’s pretty scary. It was pretty scary when we first got in here, and we put a lot of work and renovated and so lay down the floor and we did this all we got really, really nice discounted office rate. Put a lot of working. And I’ve really, I try to make it our home. And so at one point, there was at one point there was more, there was more of us.

So right now, it’s really me full-time here. I run this company called 65 and then there’s another guy named Shane, who helps with a bunch of the marketing stuff and working with non-profits, and I hope to do a lot more of this stuff and hopefully talk a little bit more about what I do, what I wanna do. Just what the hell is my business. 65. and by continuing it, we… all the stuff that I think I’m curious about, I know a lot of other people are curious about as well, too. I want to get through that.

I had a developer, and then also a partner who was a graphic designer and just at the end of last year, I lost my lost my partner who was a graphic designer? And that was a really tough thing for the business and for me and it put a lot more pressure on me and also reduced, really the skill set of what our team had and really reduces our team to just to people to houses of the shifts going on in my life, and a lot of things happening, not just in my life but in the world in general. And so one of the resolutions I really wanted to make at the end of thousand seven was to do something more for myself. I had been working on 65 for quite a while now, and… and it’s been really fulfilling I’ve gotten opportunities I, I don’t think I really could have done anywhere, else.

Speaking coverage in the press here in London. opportunities to meet people who I just really didn’t even have any business meeting and opportunities to meet other people who are very intelligent, very smart and making their own way in the world, and I think it’s been really exciting to have those sort of doors open to me all running through this medium of six, five, which was the company that I started officially in May 2015, but had been running relatively full time since, I guess, the start of the summer in 2017. and so there’s a lot going on, not just in in the business boom, my life, but are a lot of people who do know me there, a lot of stuff around community advocacy and I think more specifically is, mental health and mental health has been such a big part of my life for such a long time now not really out of choice. I don’t really know if mental health is becomes part of someone’s life by choice, I don’t really think so, maybe, but maybe getting happy and living a better life but not necessarily any problems with mental health as well.

And so I stared told my story many times but I went through a very tough time a couple of years ago, and got very low in those times and since then, I’ve really had to have quite a reflection on my life and how I got to the point that I got and then I had to put a lot of work into you continue to… I haven’t… hopefully, not just survive but thrive in the world, but in the world that I’m living in right now.

And so one of the problems that I find I actually seem to face is even with the amount of people around me. Wonderful girlfriend, a supporting family. Again, at innovation works where there’s hundreds of companies and some amazing beautiful people here. I can’t seem to I don’t seem to get out, I don’t seem to get the stuff out of my head, or with this stuff. That I’m holding in my stomach, all these things that maybe have a little bit of affect on my happiness, I don’t really get to get them out in the world and get it out all the time. And so this is one of the methods that I’m really trying with this form, I think, to put something together like this and I really doubt how many people are gonna listen to your listening.

Thank you very much, and I shouldn’t say Man anyone that is I go Good for you for less into this. I know I can talk a storm. I know that I say a lot, I might be talked to at all the stuff, I don’t know, but I’m looking at this as a chance to get a little bit of my personality out there, get a little bit of myself out Dar without the pressure of maybe putting my face online right now, or a massive live streaming. A little set up here. I’m looking at this as a meditation, as a little bit of a therapy for myself, as well too, and so I thank you for being part of that, and I’m hoping you throughout these recordings, whatever, these are the the podcast. I don’t, I don’t know exactly what this is yet, I can explore some of those things hopefully get some feedback from the people who are actually taking a chance to listen. Hello, grandma, who am I think a girl, I listen to this, that’s barely.

No, maybe would be some people who check it out, but again, one of those things that you find is that if people don’t wanna support or don’t have the time to listen to someone doing something unless unless they reach this of this plateau or this signal of success. So realistically, I don’t think anyone would listen to this, unless it got shared by Forbes or… well, Joe Rogan, recommends it, or it starts to get a little bit of press around it.

Generally, people won’t listen to something until it gets the… that level because truly we want to vet things we are in what I think is probably the most limited time sort of life that we have right now, and so we want to vet things before we actually are gonna dedicate that time to the makes perfect sense with me, when I’m picking the show on Netflix when I’m watching a document I’m reading the reviews first, I’m spending ten minutes trying to that, what I’m gonna watch or this content Mona consume just to make sure that’s worth my time. And I think that’s a really weird place that we’re in, but I think it makes a lot of sense with How valuable our time is so I’m trying to make sure that if I’m gonna do something like this, it’s valuable to me.

It’s valuable to others and I’m really hoping to explore some pretty malleable, important topics and issues be pretty transparent myself about where I am. In life and hoping that if someone listens this or wants to be part of whatever this is, I’m hoping to form that we can have that conversation together. And I think there’s a lot of… a lot of people and it’s been that way for a long time, creating media, creating content to be consumed when really a big important part of what our life needs to be, and our community and our world in general, is a conversation. And so right now I’m actually recording this on Audacity and I’m gonna put it on Facebook, Facebook Live, but maybe you do.

I hope, who knows, but I hope in the future to do this life, I hope that no maybe there’s a chance for people to comment and have a discussion, and I can address them as life through this instead of making more of this a one-way.

I was pretty nervous today, so I went with the one way. I also wanted to check the sound, see how all that stuff feels. And then I’ll use a software platform called wire cast actually stream-ness, and it will peer live. But anyone listening to what I’m gonna say that, it’s not live. So, don’t really think I’m trying to mislead anyone, here, but really just trying to get this set up a little bit and make sure that I’m in a spot where I wanna be with this.

So what I’ve got here is I’m gonna take a sip water here is I’ve got three screens, so I’ve got my computer set up, I’ve got three screens, three screens is it’s pretty wild. I had maxed out at two screens before my life and so I just had the opportunity to get three screens. I worked really hard for these so I feel good both the screen but what I’ve got in front of me here is a big editor, and I think some of the stuff that I talk about in the book, “God will be directly and a podcast will be directly related to retired in that stuff. I get so much content from there. And it really seems to be this breeding ground for content that spreads to wrote the web. And what I mean by that is what I usually see, I read it within the next three days. I’ll see in other places. So that’s where I’ll see it on Facebook, I’ll see it on Twitter or someone will tell me come up to me and tell me they saw this thing and I had seen it on Reddit.

And so it does really seem to be this Well, what they advertise themself as the front page of the Internet. And so I… Stetson, I’m gonna have some loose notes, some things that I want that I want to talk about and petite talking about what’s going on in the world. Maybe the Daily News here in London, Ontario, what the weather is. Maybe not in touch on that, but I wanna have some stuff to talk about, I want to be relevant and timely, but I also want it to be something that anyone can listen to any time. And so I’m really trying to put this balance together, and I’m really trying to create something that if anyone does listen that it’s interesting, it’s valuable that I’m a good medium a good person to channel this information through and I’m hoping to put that all together in a nice package. And so, I just really wanted to sort of get this out there, it’s a Monday, morning, and for some reason Monday mornings seemed to be one of my favorite times.

I love having a week, and then having a fresh start and I was trying to wake up and get out of bed at on Monday morning, and something that I had thought about last night, is, I think why I like Monday morning, so much as I would think of Sunday as crazy idea day. So I’ve had my week before I’ll look at everything, I’ll sort of reflect on it. But then on Sunday night, What El general do is lay in bed, maybe after a little bit roast and sit there and just be on my phone. I use a program called Evernote, and just pump ideas and everything.

It made me sad the week before or things that I hadn’t done right and things that had inspired me to do other things. I’ll pop it into every now and then I come up with some other things that I can maybe start to do and implement my life in the following in the full-on week in the following month. Or in the follow year? And so I really do try to put together… and I apologize for the nipples. I am a little bit Colburn Canada here, so it’s coming to an end of a long what feels like a very long winter and I hope it’s coming to the end, but you know what I mean? This has already be getting too long here. What I’m trying to bring together here is something that is valuable. I listen to a lot of stuff I consume a lot of stuff and a lot of stuff. It doesn’t really help people that much, it doesn’t make it that practical. And so with these crazy ideas that I’m trying to implement I’m trying to test and I’m trying to experiment just like those people that we talked about with Google, with Facebook, because in a way, I think I really do believe that life is just a game. And so, if we can try to… and if I can try to create some experiments put some stuff out like this, see what the responses and then also integrate some things that have actually worked for me and bring those into this and I share with you maybe there can be some back and forth between between us, between you, the world in general and that sounds very grandiose, but how can we create this format where the sharing of resources, a sharing of knowledge and I’m hoping that I can be a part of that. I think what’s so beautiful about the place that we’re in the digital world, where we create something, we can put it out there.

No one could listen to this for five 00-15 years, but someone finds it after that and listen to it, they get insights, and they get knowledge that maybe they would have got otherwise, but really resonates with them and impacts their life in that time. And I think that’s why he’s so beautiful with what people are doing right now, that they’re creating content and it’s the people that I really admire the people who are creating valuable content that can help people and so I’m hoping to do that because I think what we need to do, and I think this has been such a potent thing in human history is to document what we’ve done. So that the people following behind us to at those insights take that knowledge and live a better life, and make a better world.

And I think, in fact I know that’s very important. So that’s why… that’s why I’m here today, and that’s what I’m doing. So there’s a lot more work to do. This is just my first little round of that and I’m pretty, I’m pretty happy with just this first little first 00 minutes at effort together in the future, I’m gonna be hopefully even a little bit more organized, and I really trying to make a habit and the routine out of creating this stuff and so there’s gonna be a lot of things that I want to talk about. And one of those things is getting a diagnosis of bipolar struggling with mental health and finding some really good ways to deal with that. And work to that, and hopefully, learning some other ways from other people. I’m gonna continue to talk about what the non-profit industry is doing, what marketing what’s going on in marketing right now, what are the tools and the technology and the strategies that people are using that are actually working, how can we actually implement some of that experimentation and testing that I talked about? I do plan on this being a pretty stream of consciousness. I don’t want, we may pre-fabricated conversations or talk to myself. And so, what I want, and hopefully do again, is to put a couple of notes together, touch on some points but you really don’t want you to hear directly from me what I’m thinking, “I’m not rehearsing this. There is no version before this. And I mean, you can probably tell from the rambling and the sniffing all that stuff, but I’m hoping to catch this clean, good audio, put it out there, put it out in the world and really just see what happens. And so I’m hoping that if you take a listen to this, and again, I’m on go 25 minutes here, I’m gonna bring it to a close that if you have some ideas for me, if you have some things that you think are gonna work, shoot me a master, shoot me, shoot me an email, check.

Oh check out what I’m doing.

It’s taller ride, and I’m taller bride tolerate dot com, I just sort of put a little bit of a revamp side out there, be creating some content there. And again, I think the goal for me is understanding my own life and understanding how important time is for people, What can I… can do in a short amount of time that there are practical applications to what I talk about that you can integrate into your life. And so, and this one something that I’ve seen is something I’ve been working with and it’s a Monday, morning, so right after this I’m actually gonna go to the gym and work out, I’m gonna do a leg workout in the Mason but I’m gonna write a post about this as well too, but I wanted to end on something a little bit practical that you can implement. And so is Susan something that’s been working for me really well and what I find, especially running my own business and just sort of being the person that I am, and I think a lot of people are sort of hard-wired to look towards the future reflect on the past or at least have this anxiety-prone. State where they’re looking around to addressing looking at what’s happening and being ready to adapt, and I think that creates a lot of anxiety and stress and also brings us out of the moment.

Something that I found especially when I had been more out of the moment, less present to work for me was a grounding exercise and this was actually passed along by a counselor who was… it’s a fantastic a fantastic counselor fantastic speaker. And so, it’s a grounding exercise and so sort of the five senses grounding. So I’m hoping I’m gonna get this right, but the idea is if you’re walking and you’re feeling a little bit more on auto-pay. That are… you’re not quite present the moment you may be feel like your life is shifting. So moving by a little bit too quickly, what you wanna do is actually do this grounding exercise. And so it’s sort of the five.

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